Asus GTX 550 ti Overheating

Newb here. I just built my first computer ever about 2 weeks ago. All the parts are new. Every time I start playing a game, no matter the settings, my Asus GTX 550 ti plateaus at 95c and the fans are at 100%. Nothing really happens at the high temperature, except on AC Revalations (I don't have that many games, and desperately need more) the FPS dips into the 20's.

System specs:
OS: Win7 64
CPU: i-5 2400
Memory: GSKILL DDR3 4gb
PSU: 700w
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  1. sounds like bad air circulation. What case do you have?
  2. Are your case fans working? The fans on the graphics card won't be of much use if the air in the case isn't getting recycled.
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    Sounds like a problem with case airflow.
  4. My case is HAF 912. All case fans are working. Should I get another fan?
  5. Hmm...what about the fan on the GPU is it working? You might need to RMA your card. It isnt a bad card, but you might have just gotten the cracked one in the carton.
  6. you got a problem.
    get evga precision or msi after burner and set the fan to 100%. you will know when it is running that high because it will be LOUD!

    if your fan speed doesn't increase, i smell an RMA.
  7. I had a similar issue.

    Air needs to flow from one direction to the other. Most people like for it to flow from bottom/front to upper/back. some fans are useless as far a determining which direction they blow. If it is, test your fan directions by loosly a paper towel or a klennex close to the fan. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes using your hand to feel which direction it blowing sometimes fakes you out.

    Also make sure that nothing is blocking airflow out the back.

    Best of luck!
  8. Case airflow is suppose to be:

    Front/Bottom/Side - Intake
    Top/Back - Exhaust

    This isnt really a 'like' since heat rises and all that jazz.
  9. Guys, everything seems to be working okay now. I removed the drive cage in front of the front fan and consequently some of the cables. Now the GPU temps are around 50c. The first suggestions were great. Thanks all.
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