Bad capacitors or Inverter?? LCD display

Recently my monitor has been slow at heating up, and i knew it was going to die soon. This morning i turned it on and it showed my desktop image for about 1-2 secs then turned off, i turned it on and off and it again lasted for a couple seconds then turned off. Eventually i started hitting the source button rapidly between my xbox 360 and my pc, and it suddenly stayed on and is still on right meow.

I know that its something on the Power board. I checked my caps about a month ago and none were bulging or leaking.

So is it my caps or inverter? can caps be bad even if they dont show obvious signs?
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  1. I had the same problem on a gateway monitor. I replaced the caps but still I had problems so I did some reading and found out that it can be the transistors as well as a few other components that need replacement.
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