Best way to OC?

Hi, I'm upgrading from an HD5450 to a 6570 until I build a proper gaming rig. MSI Radeon HD6570 1gb DDR3 (it was on sale for $20 on Newegg)
What is the best OC tool(s) and what would be the best Clock speeds for this card. I have pretty good cooling and heard this card is easy to OC.

Win 7 64 bit
AMD Athlon II X4 630 @2.8GHz
4x2gb sticks of DDR3 SDRAM 10600
Foxconn 2a92 Mobo
Antec 380W PSU
750GB HDD 7200rpm
MSI Radeon HD 6570 1gb DDR3
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    Going from a 5450 to a 6570 won't be a huge upgrade tbh, but to OC all you have to do is move sliders over in either in CCC(driver software) or your favorite other program like MSi afterburner, etc.
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  3. For an MSI card, MSI Afterburner seems the most logical choice.
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