No internet after windows 7 update

Wasn't sure where to ask this hope that I picked the right location.

Basically when I was done on my computer last night, I went to turn it off, and it updated itself took around 10-15 minutes, must of been a pretty big update, anyway's the next morning I started up my computer and I noticed right away that my time was wrong, the date was correct but the time went back 6 hours so where it was 8 am in real time, my pc showed 2 am. I wanted to google what might of caused this only to find that I had no connections avaliable, I was connected throught my motherboard adaptor Realtek PCIe
GBE family controller. Lucky I have an wireless internet card as well and that's what im running the net throught now. When i go to device manager and look at that controller there's an error message that reads "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Sadly I did not have system reserve turned on *new system* and would like to ask you guy's if you know anyway to fix this. The option to roll back driver is unavaliable as it's just not clickable, and when I do hardware change check nothing happens. Also when I try to update the driver it says that the driver is currently up to date. If anyone has any suggestions I will follow all till this problem is solved and once it is solved set a system restore point :pfff:

I am using...

Windows 7 home basic
2600k i7
asrock extreme4 motherboard
gtx 570

any info you need let me know.
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    i would completely uninstall the drivers for your NIC then download updated drivers from the Internet. install the drivers and things should work.
  2. I LOVE YOU!! it worked :) thanks a million! setting a system restore point now.
  3. np, dont forget to select best answer :P. i turn system restore off on my comp as well, from time to time i run into issues because of it but its par for the course i suppose.
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