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Hello again toms hardware i am back again to ask for opinions or advice on a build i have to throw together today. The client is in a rush to get the PC.

These are the parts being used.

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 3220 - 3.30GHz Dual Core, Socket 1155, 3MB L3, DMI Bus, 32nm, x64, Intel HT, Intel VT, Intel HD Graphics 2000 @ 850MHz

GPU: Gigabyte® AMD® Radeon HD7850 Windforce 2x OC Edition 2048MB GDDR5, 256-Bit Memory Bus, PCI Express 3.0

MOBO: GIGABYTE® H61M-DS2 REV 2.0 H61 Express Chipset: Socket LGA1155, 2.5GT/s DMI, Supports: 3rd Generation Pentium, Core i3, i5, i7 LGA1155

RAM: Corsair Dominator 8GB KIT 1333mhz 1.5v (4GBx2)

PSU: CORSAIR® Enthusiast Series TX550M 550W High Performance Modular Power Supply - 80PLUS Bronze Certified

CASE: CORSAIR® Carbide Series 300R Black ATX Compact PC Gaming Chassis - 3x 5.25" & 4x 3.5"/2.5" Bays - 1x front mounted 120mm fan, 1x rear mounted 120mm fan, No PSU

HDD: Western Digital® Black™ 7200 Series - 1TB Serial ATA III - Serial ATA 6Gbps With 64MB Cache @ 7200RPM - NCQ

Any advice or input would be appreciated
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    Looks fine. Maybe spend a bit less on the PSU and get an i5? Also cut down on case?

    That PSU seems to have an unusually high rate of failure.

    There are a lot of good budget Rosewill cases out there. Try them.
  2. You know Corsair makes good PSUs right? Some of them are actually made by Seasonic. His case is fine for his needs. Maybe get the HAF912 if he really wants to dowgrade and get an i5.
  3. Corsairs PSU is fine but i would recommend get a something at 650W. More headroom for upgrades later on.

    Dominator RAM is a little overkill, pretty sure you can get better priced RAM. You can stick with Corsair and get Vengeance RAM @ 1600Mhz and save a bit and buy a better PSU or CPU. most games now are starting to utilize quad core.
  4. Hes obviously on a budget here, never said he wanted to Crossfire and lastly, 7850s consume like 150W at full load. How will it fail? You tell me.
  5. thanks for all the replies guys this build is really last minute and forgot to fill in some other info also all the parts i choose are from a price limit and availability from my supplier. I buy all my hardware directly from my supplier so they only have certain brands (iam in south africa) i followed a PSU guide and choose that specific PSU due to availability and pricing. Also supplier doesn't have any I5's. This is the PSU guide i followed the PSU i chose is in Tier 2. I just wanted to get some outside opinion or advice regarding the matter. Ill talk to the client and see if hes happy with the build.
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