PNY GTX 550 ti factory overclocked

Hi i have a PNY GTX 550 ti factory overclocked and would like to know where i can find a modded vbios for this card or a vbios of another card with the same kind of specs that would work
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  1. What are you hoping to achieve by this? Replacing the bios on a vid card carries some risk of rendering the card a non-functional paperweight if things go wrong; AFAIK the only "unlocking" capability though a bios switch is on certain AMD cards.
  2. Well i can only clock my speeds to GPU clock to 1000mHz and memory clock to 2190mHz the problem is if i try to go higher it doesnt crash it under clocks i only get like 24Fps
  3. no the is nVflash But i cannot find any vbios files for the card which had same capability's
  4. because the GTX 550 Ti is NOT A GAMER CARD...
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