NVidia GTX 560 TI problems.

Hey there,

After upgrading to an nVidia GTX 560 TI CUII, after my previous graphics card apparently just melted (it was hitting 100 degrees Celsius whilst idle), I had hoped that it could run most of my games on High/Ultra, as my previous graphics card had (Powercolor AMD 6790). Unfortunately, after a few months of having this card, I have noticed a few problems.

The main problem appears to be the lag that occurs when loading any game. As I enter the 'game world' so to speak, the FPS drops to <4, usually for a few seconds, and then everything resumes as one would expect. This is fine with online games, such as TF2, but the problem is greater when playing games such as Skyrim, or WoW. Given that these two have such big game worlds, it is constantly loading, therefore I am constantly getting low FPS/laggy gameplay. Strangely, when I was in an inside are in WoW, the lag was no existent (I'm blessed with a good internet connection :P), but as soon as I stepped outside, boom, 4-5 fps.

My question is, I know this isn't right a graphics card that cost me £179 only a few months back to have these problems, but is it the graphics card that is causing the problem? I am currently running it with an AMD AM3+ FX-4100 X4 CPU, again, only bought recently (Christmas), 8 GB of Kingston DDR3 1333mhz RAM, and a Coolermaster PSU elite power PSU.

Many thanks,
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  1. Huh this sounds very similar to an issue I had in Skyrim where I accidentally had uGridsToLoad set to 9 (world cells) and it should have been 5. I had two 6970s at the time and it would drop to about 10-20 fps as it loaded a new set of cells.

    But this sounds like it is across all games... Could be a CPU bottleneck, I don't know much about AMD FX processors though.

    Maybe somebody else does?
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