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New Custom Built Computer not working...

I believe this is a power supply issue.. but I could be wrong. So please, direct me to the right forum area if this is incorrect.

Stats on what I'm running:
Processor: Intel Core i7 3820 3.6GHz LGA 2011 Processor
CPU Cooling Fan: Respire T40 CPU Cooling Fan
Motherboard: Intel DX79SI Extreme LGA 2011 X79 ATX Intel Motherboard
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL9 Dual Channel Desktop Memory (4x4)
Hardware: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7,200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive STBD2000101
Video Card: EVGA 02G-P4-2662-KR NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Superclocked 2048MB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x1
Case: EVO Mid Tower ATX Computer Case
Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2 Series 600 Watt ATX Power Supply

So now that you know what I'm running.. here's the issue.

I purchased it all saturday, and went home like a kid on christmas eve, so damn excited. I get home ground myself, and get to work. After a few hours passing by, I'm so happy it's all done. Plug on into the power supply, hook up my display, flip a switch, and lights on the motherboard fire up! Success! Press the power button on the case...... nothing. No fans fire up (power supply/4 on the case/video card/or processor cooling fan).

Now, I think this is a power supply issue. I also hope to friggin god this is a power supply issue, and that my ground worked, and I didn't short anything. But unfortunetly I don't own a backup, so I can't test it. Besides.. 600W should be plenty of power? But it is odd that the PSU fan won't even fire.

Anyways.. any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advanced! And I'd gladly get more information/pictures if people need!
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  1. 600W sounds plenty to power your system, I know it sounds patronising but I am just trying to help, are you sure the front panel connectors are all connected correctly to the motherboard? Try getting yourself some of the little switches you can plug in instead of the case power on switch to test :)
  2. I suggest you remove the video card and see what it does if its still the same try disconnecting everything from the power supply except the board and see what happens.
  3. Don't worry! Nothing is patronising, obviously I did something wrong, so I'm open to advice! :)

    Anyways.. I am 90% sure they are connected correctly.. meaning I put them into the connections to the best of my knowledge following the Motherboard booklet, and case booklet, so if something is incorrect, then it's because of their damn unclear information.

    What kind of little switches are we speaking about? Easy to find? Maybe a link please?

    Will try the switch, if it's the same outcome, I'll try to remove every part individually and see where this issue lies Simon12. But if it's a VC or MB or blahblahblah issue, then why wouldn't my fans fire?
  4. If the power supply fan won't even power on I am just gonna go ahead and say its a power supply issue. Or an issue with the cord, but Thermaltake PSUs are of horrid quality. I would take it back to the store you bought it from as defective, ask for a refund and grab something from Corsair/Seasonic/Antec/Silverstone. I wouldn't get anything under 500w, not because your system needs it but because the price of a say 400w is usually not worth the money you save instead of getting a 500w.

    Its early and I hope that made sense.
  5. One thing I always do when building a new pc to eliminate possible issues. I always breadboard the setup (assemble it outside the case). You can use a jumper for the "power switch" on the motherboard. I put the cpu, cpu fan, minimal amount of memory and PSU together on the desktop, and try to power on.

    If there is an issue, I try switching the RAM, checking the CPU and cpu cooler are seated properly, and retest. If there are still issues - it may be the PSU and/or mobo.

    If it powers up correctly, then I add components one at a time. When all powers up correctly, then I place them in the case, and try to boot and install the OS.

    It happens with any build that one or more components can be starting with minimal components makes for easier troubleshooting.
  6. Did you make sure the standoffs were in? MOBO/Case manuals can be pretty misleading/confusing about them.

    Andddd eww, yeah, thermaltake, no good :P.
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    could try the paperclip test on the psu

    though as mentioned it could be the power switch connector to the motherboard

    usually they are stuck in a tight position where your hand is blocking sight of where you are actually putting the connectors

    thats why i love asus q-connectors

    simple little block that you connect--power-reset etc outside of the case and just plug the whole thing into the motherboard
  8. Ah I can't seem to find a link to them anywhere D: if you go to a computer shop they should sell them, its basically just a little switch that you plug onto the same pins as would normally be connected to the case switch. And like someone else said, try the paperclip test :)
  9. Thanks for all the help so far guys! Unfortunately I am at work for now, but I feel like I should get somewhere with the advice you guys gave me. I'll try it all step-by-step when I get home tonight, and keep you guys posted! Again thank you!
  10. Okay guys, so I tried the paperclip test. The power supply worked.. BUT.. it seemed.. not live up to expectation sort to say? It was very very quiet... the fan didn't seem to have much power behind it.. I'm not sure if that's how it's suppose to be, or maybe there's a fault?
    We've gotten somewhere...
    I am now to the point where I have everything hooked up.. and flip on the power switch.. and BOOM, all fans turn on. LED's on the case, etc. HOORAY. But the only way to power it down.. it to HOLD DOWN the power case, or the switch on the power supply. This will power it down. NOW, if the switch stays to on, and I hold down, powers off fine. If I press it again (to turn it on) nothing..
    I can't get it back on unless I flip off the switch on the power supply, then switch it back on..

    Any idea where that issue may lie? I'm lost...
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  13. Now then, I've got a few other concerns while we're at it as well.

    I plugged into the monitor, and nothing comes up. The fan on the video card is rotating though. The monitor simply just doesn't read anything. What's the deal?

    Also, the MB shows no status code. But does keep a solid red light on the BIOS light on the back of the computer, attached to the MB, near the USB ports. Any ideas why this may be?

    Along with those two, and the power switch, those are my only concerns so far now.

    Thanks again in advance guys!
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