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I broke my case fan, need replacement

Hi All,
So I wasn't careful and broke the power cable on my top, front case fan in my Antec 900.
I need a new fan and thought I would ask what the best 120mm fan for cooling and low noise with blue LED's would be.
I have the rig in my sig and will eventually be overclocking my CPU.

Any help / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I use these in most of my builds - and use the Antec cases...very low noise - and choices in colors for the LED. I always have a few spares, as with time, all case fans will break down.
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    For blue LED, you have enermax and gelid. Performance will be acceptable, not outstanding.

    For aggressive overclocking, maybe changing the CPU cooler to Noctua with 14cm fans will be better.
  3. I guess since I'm running an Enermax as the push fan on my 212 Evo already I'll stick with that then. I'm not planning on pushing my cpu to the bleeding edge. Whatever I can get it to with the Evo is fine. Hopefully the next gen GPU's are even more heat efficient as well so all should be well.
    Thanks guys.
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