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Hi all, After starting up my computer, after posting the mobo and ahci screen and before the windows gui screen i would have a crash and this crash invovles something like this any help would be great, thanks
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  1. any help? :(
  2. whats the specs of your pc?
  3. im just wondering if theres a quick fix before i plan on getting haswell.
    amd 940 phenom 2 x4
    mobo GA-MA770-UD3
    ocz ddr2 ram
    evga 580
    ocz 800w
  4. will it boot into safe mode ok?
  5. spamming F8 while booting? it doesnt load. just flashing underscore like cmd screen
  6. well i turned off my windows gui so i dont think i can get into safe mode haha
  7. flashing underscore like cmd screen normally means it cant find a bootable device

    though doesnt usually show like your photo

    is your hard drive showing in the bios?

    can you even see the bios?
  8. yea i can get into bios
  9. when i go into hard disk boot priority. it shows my ssd as priority so i dont think it means my comp cant find bootable drive
  10. at least you know its not the monitor if the bios shows ok

    may be worth booting off a live cd like ubuntu to see if its a graphics card fault
  11. the live cd works.
  12. however it crashed, but still can move mouse. haha
  13. crashed how?

    did you get to a desktop?
  14. yep. i got to desktop and i c install but nothing is displayed besides that. i see startup toolbar. thats about it.
    cant click on anything.
  15. well that was a little helpfull at least you saw a desktop

    could still be graphics card problem though

    would try testing your memory as well with memtest
  16. could the sata controller died maybe?
  17. doing memtest now. how many runs should i go?
  18. coalminer071 said:
    could the sata controller died maybe?

    dont think so--though anything is possible

    memtest probably 3 passes or so

    usually errors show really quickly

    though some people leave it running overnight

    my thoughts would be either memory--graphics card or psu

    if it was a software fault then ubuntu should have ran ok
  19. memtest pass at 46% no errors so far
  20. its not a new build?

    it worked before?
  21. yea not new build. started acting like this since yesterday but been having problems since a month or 2 before.
    problem - during random times comp would restart with beeps, checked beep faq and it said gfx or mem is loose. seems to be problem. however it would restart after i give both of them a lil nudge. now it just wont start
  22. was hoping if i can somehow keep it till haswell comes out. seems like i might have to invest into it now.
  23. haswell is still months away i think

    check any 6 pin / 8 pin connectors are properly clicked home on the graphics card
  24. its properly clicked in
  25. memtest completed 1 pass without any faults
  26. got any one who could lend you a graphics card to double check?

    theres no integrated graphics on that motherboard or cpu is there?
  27. nope, i used my old gtx 275 and came up with same screen. so i def think its not gfx problem.
  28. all i can think of is mobo, ram, ssd, and everything in between
  29. well that rules out graphics card as well if gtx275 did the same
  30. could pcie or sata connectors die out?
  31. coalminer071 said:
    any help? :(


    Bump posts

    After only 40 min. :pfff:
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