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[Q]Intel i3 3220 + 7870 for gaming

Guys How is an Intel i3 3220 +HIS 7870 ICE Q for gaming? I would play games like BF3,FarCry,Source Engine games and probably Crysis 3.I also wont change the PC for the next three years. So thanks in advance! :D
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  1. i3? really?
  2. coalminer071 said:
    i3? really?

    Really, is that what I get from a community which is supposed to help? Seriously?
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    Yes the Intel® Core™ i3 will work fine as a budget gaming processor. However you may find that you get better performance with an Intel® Core™ i5 due to some of the higher end games being optimized to run on 3 or 4 threads.
  4. well im just saying if u dont want to change ur specs for 3 years. that cpu is on the low side.
    also what resolution u running at
  5. Thanks for the reply mate's! I decided now to get a i5 3470 and and 7870 OC'ed. So now you think i'm good for 3?
  6. yea. it should be fine.
  7. For the next three years? Games like Crysis 3?
  8. like i asked, what resolution would u be running at.
  9. 1440X900 or 1600X900. Full HD too sometimes
  10. well farcry was made for amd platforms, it would perform extremely well compared to its geforce counterpart. however im not sure about crysis 3.
    bf3 u would be fine. with ave frames at around 60fps
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