A question about nVidia Geforce GT-630

Just days ago, I found out about this graphics card, the GT-630
a computer software and hardware provider has it in stock, but it's model is:
Zogis GT-630 1GB (and another with 2gb)

when I went to the zogis.com page, I couldn't find the GT-600 series in there, can someone give me a hand? like, why isn't it in there? and, is it better than the normal Geforce GT-630? (and what are the Specs between the Zogis ver and the Normal Geforce ver)

Also, Im planning to get that one, as right now I can mostly only afford what my local pc stores have.
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  1. I don't really recommend you that brand. I have never heard of it before it must be a dud chinese brand.

    If you ask me; save more money buy a better card with a better brand writing on it's box
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