New build not posting, only beeps without ram

So I'm new to this, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. This is my first build and so far it's not going great. I got everything put together, made sure my standoffs were installed(turns out I have prebuilts standoffs in my case) with only 3 actual standoffs. I ended up only using the prebuilt ones because I had no idea where to put the other ones because my case didn't come with instructions. So I had everything installed, motherboard in the case, my 1 fan plugged into the motherboard(don't think it had a place to connect on the power supply, it was only a 3 pin connector) and I triple checked to make sure all things were plugged in right. My 8 pin connector from the psu was connected right, 24 pin connected, case speaker connected, case power switch and lights all in the right spot. So I turn on power supply and hit the power button. CPU fan and case fan are running, psu fan is running, led lights on but I get no post and no display. I ram through EVERYTHING on the no post no display guide and I double checked everything. Everything's plugged in fine and I try turning it on again. Same thing. So I decided to try the breadboard so I take mobo out an put it on my box. So now I only have psu, CPU and heatsink, no ram. I turn it on with the screwdriver method and I get three long beeps. So I plug in one stick of ram, nothing. Change that ram to al different sslots, nothing. Do the same thing with other stick of ram, nothing. So now I plug in graphics card for the hell of it and that fans running so idk?! Still no post beep. Only get three beeps without ram! So I tried testing my psu with the paper clip trick and it started up fine and it also powers fans and lights so hopefully it's not a psu problem? I'm thinking it's the motherboard and I sure hope it's not the cpu! I'm gonna rma the board tommorow and hopefully that's the culprit. Everything I've been reading online seems to point me in that direction. You guys don't think both of my sticks of ram are defective do you? I'm also thinking this might be a compatibility issue and I double checked the parts to make sure they are compatible but maybe you guys coughs something I didn't. Help would be greatly appreciated everyone!

Intel z75 pro 3 mobo

Seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm 6gbs 3.5 inch hardrive

Intel i5 2500k

EVGA gtx 550ti 1gb ddr5

G.skill ripsaw series 8gb (2 x 4gb) ddr3 1600 ram

Rosewill RD450-2-SB 450w V2.2

Rosewill R218-P-BK case

Asus DVD drive
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  1. One way ive found of checking the CPU is to start the computer with the heatsink off, while touching the cpu. If it doesnt get hot after about 5 seconds, then there is definately a problem. If it does start to get hot, turn it off immediately. If your going to RMA the board, see if you might be able to RMA the cpu as well, just in case.
  2. Yeah sounds like a bad MOBO to me, you made sure your CPU fan is plugged into the CPU fan header? Also, I believe I may have heard either a bad BIOS chip or bad CMOS battery can result in this but I cannot confirm at the moment.

    I am also curious about the standoffs, you should have all of them in place, if they aren't any weight on the board could be pushing a contact down onto the case. I will take a look for you see if I can find any info on that case.
  3. Pull your board ASAP, you have a mATX case with an ATX board.

    You need a new ATX case, or an mATX MOBO. If you plan on RMAing your MOBO or CPU, I would try to avoid mentioning you tried putting it in an mATX case...

    Also, I am not familiar with the layout of the mATX standoffs, but you may have screwed one into a spot on the board that is not meant for it.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! I rma'd the board today and hopefully the new one is ok...I'm also wondering if my psu supplies enough energy? And chug out when I bought the case it said tax so...idk I'm pretty sure it's ok. Although I plan on upgrading that soon as it doesn't have good enough airflow
  5. to me it looks like your psu is meeting the bare min. i'd up it a bit to be safe..
  6. Oh okay, well, I am assuming you did not get the model that comes with the PSU then? It still seems weird that the case was coming preconfigured as mATX, and you could not establish where the standoffs for an ATX board would go.

    Also seems strange the PSU you have is the one that comes packaged with the mATX version of that case, not saying you are wrong just trying to sort it out.
  7. Yes I bought them separately and the case had built in standoffs as well as three extra ones which I didn't use. You don't think it could be a shorting problem do you? As I said I tested it out on the box and still nothing. Right now I'm just trying to figure out if my psu is running well enough and I don't have enough funds for a tester. What is your guys opinion on my psu?
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