HD 6570 problems with latest drivers

I'm having weird problems since I bought a Radeon HD 6570 card.

When I install the Catalyst drivers that come from the cd, everything is fine. But when I update them to the latest 12.6 version, from the official site, my screen starts to have weird issues. A distorted line starts popping up near the top of the screen whenever I'm browsing the net, moving around windows, or changing some graphical configurations. The line always pops up on the same place, and never lasts long. It keeps appearing and disappearing whenever I do those tasks, and it becomes worse when I have a lot of windows opened. Meanwhile, while I'm going things like typing this post, nothing happens.

My print screens never show the problem. With the outdated drivers from the cd, this never happens. And after experimenting a bit, this also stops happening when I put my monitor from 32bit to 16bit. My monitor is an acer P221w.

I currently have windows 7 64 bit with Catalyst's 12.6 for 64 bit. I used to have the 32bit version of both, and the exact same thing happened.

I don't know what to do anymore. My current best solution is simply to keep the outdated drivers on, but those leave some graphical artifacts on games that later drivers fix. So I would really love to update the drivers.

This problem starts first appearing about halfway the installation of Catalyst 12.6 drivers, and persists since then.
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  1. Nothing so big deal it's just usual dud AMD drivers
  2. It might be, it might not. All I know, and from further experimenting, is that this happens when I update to any amd driver. It doesn't even needs to be the latest 12.6 one. Only the cd drivers do not create this problem, but they are very outdated, and I need the new ones.

    Is this a hardware problem? Should I go back to the shop?
  3. I have the same problem ... Now I join with the d-sub I'm trying to connect to the monitor via dvi-d but i have a issue of res. I have a monitor with 2 inputs. If connecting two signals - one after the dvi, secound by d-sub (from the same graphics card - I know weird configuration) the problem disappears.
    The same card HD 6570. Driver 12.10.
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