Computer suddenly very slow

Hi everyone,

I recently built my computer about 1 week before Christmas 2012 I was very excited and got it to run. Very fast and smooth until last night its choppy playing ALL my games and sometimes choppy on youtube videos. I would play Crysis 2 1080p very high settings and get 35-45 fps and about the same for BF3 1080p med or high settings. Now when I play either one I get about 20 fps on the same settings and even if I lower the settings it stays at 20 fps. :??:

I remember playing Battlefield 3 for a hour or so perfectly fine until in the middle of the game is started becoming choppy and slow. Since it was unplayable I quit the game.

I've ran Norton to see if I had any viruses and it said I didn't only cookies which it removed and still no improvement.

Defraged my HDD no change same with disk cleanup

My computer specs are

AMD FX 4100
Gigabyte AM3+ 970A-DS3
8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM from Corsair
500CX bronze plus PSU from Corsair
500GB 7200RPM HDD Caviar Blue
AMD XFX 7770 1GB Graphics card
LG Seasonic DVD Player

Please help I really have now idea what to do.
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  1. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS... HIRENS BOOT CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I'd give malwarebytes a try as well.

    Would be suprised if it's a hdd issue since BF3 loads complete levels and you're getting the lag on the maps. Never hurts to check tho.

    Might snag a temp monitor (HWMonitor or OCCT) and see how the CPU and GPU are doing. May be a fan going bad somewhere or loose heatsink.
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