Simple way to reduce RPM of this CPU fan?

Fan runs constantly, even when the air exhausting the exit is cool. I opened the case hoping to find everything deeply clogged with dust but there was very little, certainly not enough to be causing such an issue. Noisy fan is a common complaint on this model hp110mini.

From what I understand thusfar the red is 5v pos, the black is ground, the yellow is RPM signal return to the motherboard.

I've checked and there appears to be no way to regulate the voltage/speed via GUI. I have read a few webpage prescribing as simple as a series resistor ranging from 10 to 300 ohm (depending upon who's math you have faith in) as well as applying a three pin IC voltage regulator (which sounds ideal, but there are thousands to choose from).

I'd like to drop the rpm (unknown) almost 50 percent.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you tried looking in the bios? There's usually, but not always, a setting which can be tweaked to quieten the fans down, or spin more in line with cpu/system temperature.
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