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I have an GTX 560 OC and an AMD athlon II x4 640 processor. Recently I noticed that my fps would hike from 60 fps to 30 fps. And my GPU usage would be around 60% to 50% during the time my fps would drop from 60 to 30 and anywhere in between. Now whenever I join a empty server my GPU usage is around 80 to even 99%. Is there any solution so that my GPU usage is kept at 70%+ on 64 player server? (The settings I have on are all on high with text & shadows in med with HBAO turned off and MSAA off as well)
P.S I tried to switch res from 1680x1050 to 1240x800 and the fps went up does this mean my CPU is not bottle necking my gpu?
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  1. the only time when a cpu is bottlenecking the gpu is when the cpu usage is 100%. the gpus usage would be irrelevant. its probably because the gtx 560 is being pushed pretty hard as its only an entry card into 1920x1080 gaming
  2. I wouldn't worry about GPU usage being 99%, that's completely normal. I would be more concerned if it was only getting 40% usage all the time :lol:

    Going from a higher resolution to a lower resolution and getting higher FPS means your GPU isn't able to push higher resolutions at high settings. Most likely due to your GPU being a entry-mid-level card.
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