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I am looking for a case for my new gaming pc build, i am looking for a nice sleek black case, i like the look of the corsair 200r and the source 210, but i am after something a little bit smaller, and to fit a matx, and have good cable management and preferably a bottom mounted psu

I am looking to spend under £50 and but from UK sites like scan overclockers dab etc

Also how do people find the larger case as i think i will find them to be too large and big for my liking

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  1. Hi. Some people find smaller cases to be much too small and cramp. I suggest taking a look at the smaller cases in stores to see if you'll like having one. If you're looking for a Micro ATX case, there's the Fractal Design Arc Mini for a little more here: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/fractal-design-arc-mini-microatx-tower-case-black-w-o-psu Their Core 1000 case is within the budget but it has a top mounted PSU: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/fractal-design-core-1000-black-micro-atx-mini-tower-performance-case-with-120mm-quiet-fan-w-o-psu
  2. ok thanks

    what other larger case around the size of the 200r and slightly smaller would you suggest looking at as well, just to see if a bigger case would be better.

  3. Well I think the Corsair 200R, NZXT Source 210 and Fractal Design cases are already good ones but you can look at the ones from Antec and Cooler Master too. I can't think of any more to suggest since it's a matter of personal taste and all the brands I prefer have been mentioned above. Maybe someone else here can recommend another one.
  4. thanks again for the suggestions

    I have narrowed it down to 2 case the corsair 200r or the fractal design core 3000.

    I was wondering which one would be the better choice for air flow and cable management?

  5. From the reviews I've seen both cases offers good cable management. In terms of cooling the Fractal Design Core 3000 might be a better performer but you can always add more case fans to both cases of course. Also the Corsair 200R has USB 3.0 ports in the front I/O while the Core 3000 doesn't though Fractal Design did announce one with USB 3.0 support a day or two ago. I suggest reading reviews to help you make a good decision. Here are a few of them:

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