GTX 670 Jetstream & PC Upgrade

Hello All.

I was pointed to this website by a good friend of mine and have been doing a load of research using it over the last few days/weeks but want to ask a couple of questions before I commit to an upgrade in the next week or so. I am more of a software guy so hardware and all the numbers that go with it really goes over my head.

First of all im currently using an off the shelf PC, I know its not the best hence the need for upgrading but it was all I could afford this time last year.

Ill get the basics out of the way. This is what im working with:

HP Pavilion p7-1015uk ( ) <--- PC breakdown.
Intel Core i3 2100
4GB Ram
64-bit Windows Home Premium
Integrated Graphics
Resolution 1920x1080

I play an array of games but the main ones are WoW, Diablo 3 and I want to buy BF3. I also use photoshop a lot, watch movies etc. I've never ran a game before at ultra or even high quality and would love to say I can to all my gaming buddys.

Im working with a budget of £500ish ($780 according to google) I might have a little more cash if really necessary.
Im working with Pound sterling and sites from the UK and I know a lot of you are from the US but sourcing isnt the issue its the advice I seek more.

Ive worked out what I want but I could be miles off so please feel free to correct me.
I want something which is future proof and that wont need upgrading for a while.
I also want to get the most expensive and necessary components out the way so in the near future I can just buy things like bigger HDD etc.

Sorry about the story so far.
So down to what I want to buy.

Palit GTX 670 JetStream (£320 - $500)
Because of this I believe I need to upgrade from my current PSU of 300w to 500w+ with 2 PSi-e connectors?

Corsair TX 650w PSU (£70 - $110)

And I also want more RAM. Im currently thinking of filling my PC up with 16GB as it can take it.
Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz Vengeance Blue Memory (£74 - $115)

Overclocking isnt something I understand so unless I need to I dont plan on doing so.

Im sure this may be over kill but it is totally silly and unrealistic? Where am I going wrong and what would you change?
Can my current PC (motherboard, i3 Core etc) even support this upgrade? Would I be able to get the best out of it?
Im trying to get the best out of my money as its not often I get money available to put towards my PC.
I would really like some input from people who have some knowledge and understanding of all this jargon and would really appreciate the help.

Sorry again for the book and hope you can help.
Many thanks!

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  1. Sounds about right. The 670 is surprisingly expensive in the UK (it's about $410 in the US), but that holds for all the models, so I guess you'll have to live with it. You'd be fine with 8gb of RAM.
    Your CPU will struggle in some games, but it won't be too awful. The 670's good enough that it'll last you through your next CPU upgrade, anyway.
  2. Wow Get the tape measure out fist!!! I have purchased video cards before and tried to put them in my computer and found they don't fit. Most store bought computers use the micro ATX form factor as such they are smaller, and may not fit. I looked at Palit GTX 670 but I looked at all the other brands and found them to be anywhere from 9.5 to 11.5 inches long. From experience nothing and I mean nothing sucks more than to get a new video card only to find that it won fit in your case. If it wont fit, buy a decent ATX case put Mobo in it and away you go.
    But... ... ...

    You really should look at getting a new mobo anyhow. Most Mobo's that you get in store purchased computers are not designed for gaming. They don't have high end Chip sets so they can limit performance some. Again this is from personal experience, I did something remarkably similar to you a few years back, and sure it was cheaper at first, but within a year I think that I had replaced every part in the computer.

    Hope it helps good luck I'm jelous btw thats a great little card. Im still running 2 GTX 470's
  3. Regarding RAM, I use photoshop a lot and edit videos so this is always handy for myself.

    Oh I do hope it'll fit otherwise its back to the drawing board and ive settle. Im not so much going for "gaming PC" more of a very decent general PC I can do most things I want on.

    New case, hmmm, now that does sound tricky, Graphics card and RAM slotting in I can handle and PSU doesnt seem to difficult but thats as far as I want to get as far as screwdrivers and cables go. I seem to have a way with electrics and they mess up when I get to involved.

    I dont plan on keeping this PC forever and the idea is the gradually cycle thru everything. Thats why im trying to go as high end as I can afford so when I can afford another upgrade it'll probs be motherboard and say i5 - i7 or equivalent at the time.

    The main reason for all this was to get away from the on-board graphics and the more I looked the more the cards grew into my budget LOL but at the end f the day anything will be better than what I've got.

    Thanks very much for everything so far people, your a great help! :)
  4. Just a thought,

    If your not going for gaming as much as general PC maybe you should Consider going with a radeon 7770, or something from the gtx 500 series to save some money. My Sig other runs a GTX 570 and it runs Batman Arkam City at 1900 by 1080 Full settings, with physx at full and he had to turn in Vsycn it did not tax his video card at all.
  5. ^That's correct. You shouldn't waste your money on a 670 if you're not gaming.
  6. As I say, WoW, Diablo 3 and I will be buying Battlefield 3 and/or the new Black Ops 2. So I want the gaming potential plus I want it to be future gaming proof.

    What would I lose in terms of graphics if I went to say a 570 and are they smaller cards then?
  7. As I say, WoW, Diablo 3 and I will be buying Battlefield 3 and/or the new Black Ops 2. So I want the gaming potential plus I want it to be future gaming proof.

    What would I lose in terms of graphics if I went to say a 570 and are they smaller cards then?
  8. According to this benchmark and review, you'll get about 40 fps with full settings.. The cards are actually about the same size. You really can't Future proof your computer, espically with video cards, If i were you I would either save your money and in a few years buy a new video card, or toss that money into a new CPU now. BF3 system Recommends a GTX 460, a step down and generation lower.

    That is just what I would do.
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