Having BSOD problems...

So I just built my first PC, and everything went great:

Asus P8Z77-V mobo
i5-3570k w/stock heatsink (temps are hovering in the 30s at idle)
haf 912 case
antec bp550 power
8gb corsair vengeance ram
samsung 830 ssd boot drive
samsung f3 1tb hdd

I get it all put together, not a thing goes wrong, I do all of the SSD stuff without hassle, then I get around to doing Windows Updates.

And that's when I start having problems. While trying to update them, it hangs, downloading one of the updates endlessly, so I have no choice but to power down the system. When I power it back up, I get BSOD. Reset and this time it just freezes on the desktop. I boot to safe mode and start deleting some of the drivers that I'd just installed, and I get it stable. So I figure I'll try to dl the Windows Updates again. And it hangs, again. And I power down again and it starts acting funky again. This time, in addition to BSOD, firefox keeps shutting down at random.

Anyway I deleted some of the updates and thought I had fixed it. I've left Windows Update alone since then, and that was several hours ago. Well, just a minute ago I was rifling through Steam (just installed it), and I got another BSOD.

So, what exactly is going on here? Am I going to have to delete every single update? Is my copy of windows already screwed? I really don't want to have to go through all of this again.
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  1. Sounds like you got some bad RAM. Try running one module at a time. If one of them is giving you BSODs, run it through memtest.
  2. I'm not sure how I'd deduce which one. The BSOD thing is infrequent now. Also, now I'm having Windows telling me that things have stopped working. I forget all of them, but just now some media controller thing stopped working, and search indexing stopped working.
  3. I just ran the Windows memory diagnostic thing and it didn't come up with anything. Not sure if that's reliable or not though.
  4. Ok, just got another BSOD while I was doing nothing more than downloading a game on Steam. I ran the memtest thing for several minutes and it showed no errors. Could this be a problem with the windows updates? I'm this close to deleting all of them just to see...I don't even have that many installed to begin with.
  5. One last thing I've thought of: sometimes after one of these problems happens, my mouse will stop working and I'll have to unplug it and plug it back in. Not sure if that's important.
  6. Dude windows updates generally don't have issues, I mean Microsoft is a big company. Any-who I would check again, RUN ALL diagnostics LOCATED on your MOTHERBOARD diagnostic page. I would definitely recommend that, before doing something drastic. Like sending your ram back.
  7. Generally you have to run memtest longer than a few minutes. Anyway, sometimes it doesn't detect faulty ram. Run one module at a time, if one works and the other gives you BSODs you know what the problem is. Bad Ram will cause all kinds of things to go haywire, appears to be completely random.
  8. As usual, you all were right and I was wrong, lol. I took out one of the RAM sticks about an hour ago and so far I've had zero problems. I hope that's all there was to this.
  9. Good to hear, make sure to run checkdisk on the hard drive, all those bsods can screw with the filesystem
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