Skyrim lag and skip in GTX 550 TI SLI HELP

Alright here is the problem; I have Skyrim acting weird it is as if it is set on fast
forwarding also sometimes lags. The first cut scene in the game should normally be
around 5 minutes but it is over in about 40 seconds. Now I searched everywhere even
on here and I can't find out how ti fix it. Also doesn't help I can't Google worth
crap. All help is appreciated here are my specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD FX 8120 8-core processor
8GB DDR3 Ram Dual Channel
Asus GTX 550 TI SLI

All drviers are up to date.
Oh also when I start the game it puts it to High Quality graphics.
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  1. didn't get your answer first time around ?............ perhaps it has a built in benchmark tool and you're hitting a button making it record fast ( like FarCry2 does )................

    doesn't matter if the drivers are up to date.
    the GTX 550 Ti is not that good and not a gamer card, even in SLi the 550 Ti is only a GTX 560 Ti just short of a GTX 560 ti-448.
    but at least with the -448 you have 1.2GB of VRAM while even in SLi the 550 Ti's only have 1GB.
    I use the 550 Ti in a HTPC and I use it as a PhysX card.

    Skyrim eats VRAM from the start of the game.
    then you have a FX-8120 processor on top of that to compound your lack of FPS..
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