Should I get two 6670's or a single 560?

I am wondering what would be the best graphics option for my divide. If I get the two 6670s it will be cheaper and possibly better but if I get the 560 it will most likely will be better. I am wondering which I should choose and is it worth it to spend the extra cash on the 560.
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  1. I would definitely go with the 560.

    Going with the single, more powerful card is almost always the better option.
  2. sli and crossfire are only viable options when minimum framerates can be kept well above 30fps because of microstuttering.
    It is almost always worth it to spend extra cash on gpus up to the 670 level around $420.
    For the average gamer doing sub-1080p resolutions on mid-level settings a radeon 7770 is a phenomenal option.
    For the ambitious gamer doing 1080p at mid-settings going up to the gtx 560 ti or a gtx 480 at the $220 level makes the most sense.
    For ultra settings on 1080p at constantly smooth framerates, the 7970, 7950, gtx 670, and the soon-to-be released gtx 660ti are the best options.
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