XFX ATI Radeon HD 6790 Crashes

I got a XFX ATI Radeon HD 6790 couple of days back and it works fine in playing games like Crysis 2 , BF3, Syndicate etc or any other games i've played but everything got stuck while i'm surfing internet after sometime or playing any kind of videos, mostly in continous playback of videos not more than 1 minutes. A solid bluescreen occurred but still hearing movie audio in background ,its not the BSOD just a bluescreen ,no crashdump nothing, just keyboard gets hanged and bluescreen so i've to restart my pc again and again for this.

It is plugged in correctly check it several times .It has single 6pin connector which is also plugged in fine. So no issues with the hardware installation.

I've tried to install reinstall its AMD catalyst drivers from amd.com latest is 12.6 series down to 11.5 ! uninstalling it done with Driver Sweeper as i've heard it might solve the problem or even just install AMD Display Driver from those packs and remaining everything unchecked but nothing works for me .. and having same problem. Also changed the single DIMM DDR2. I didn't overclocked it all setting on stock.

The GPU temps are not more than 45C and don't show any increase in temps in HWmonitor right exactly before it happens.
The PSU i'm using is Cooler Master 400W RS-430-PCAR. Also changed it with COOLMAX V-500 500W , but still having same problem.

Would it be a hardware problem in card of any software issue.
Really need help from you guys as I can't return it back :-(
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  1. That's odd. Test your RAM with Memtest, then go through the rest of this list: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems
  2. I bought two XFX gpu's about 4 months, one of them was a 6790. In the second month of owning them, the 6790 stopped working and the other one starting throwing black screen lockups. I RMA'd both cards and I stay away from xfx.
  3. XFX has a good reputation and, often, lifetime warranties. Try to get over the human tendency to interpret life by anecdotal evidence.
  4. kajabla said:
    That's odd. Test your RAM with Memtest, then go through the rest of this list: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems

    Pass. No Errors ! it took more than 6hours to get it complete.
    What to do now ?
  5. Are you sure it covered all your sticks?
    Does your motherboard or CPU have integrated graphics? If so, take out the 6790 and see if the problem continues.
  6. yea i only have a single stick of 2GB.
    and one thing to let you guys know 6790 often stucks while opening new tabs in firefox. when i removed it and try to do exact same thing without putting 6790 in , the whole task bar keep goes on and on flickering and maximising the browser makes it steady again. it happens to firefox only.!!

    Also the motherboard heatsink for integrated graphics in middle on MB is hot as hell. even if i remove 6790! but all temps are normal on MB checking with HWmonitor or SpeedFan.

    I recently change the casing of my MB , before doing that i never see this thing happening to my taskbar even with a 350W supply before installing 6790.

    Last night I put a new HDD formatted it install win7 put in 6790 install 11.5 Display drivers try to run two or three games but nothing unusual happened. When i try to play Cryis 2 started the game , it allows to adjust "Gamma" setting at very start . i keep it higher and lower and 6790 stucks again for the very first time in a game !!!

    Really worried about if I'm having a defective GPU.
  7. Yeah, it sounds like that. It could still be the motherboard, though. Do you have access to any other card you can try? A friend's?
  8. I wasted whole of my day to make it fix.

    Yea I tried EVGA GTS 250 on the same MB. Everything was normal !! but no issues like this one !
    still that MB graphics heatsink was really hot .can't put my finger on it for 2 secs seems like its over 90C..

    From whom i purchase the card has Cooler Master GX-550W supply and don't remember his MB . But he said he never had this kinnda issues ever ! used the card over 6 months.

    Im currently not using 6790. Should i try to check it with intel DG 41RQ with same PSU .. if its PSU problem does it effects the card , using like this ?
  9. Check your temperatures properly! Use MSI Afterburner.
  10. check it. While playing Crysis 2 maxed out.

    now using the card in intel DG41RQ Motherboad with COOLMAX V-500 500W
    and while uploading the image it stucks again..

    these are the temps while browsing.
  11. Well, that doesn't fit with a GPU heatsink that's burning hot to the touch.
  12. so what to do now ?? !
    how can i solve this problem ?
    where is the problem
    is it Motherboard ? Software? Card ? Windows 7 ? or PSU ???
  13. Wait. You said that you recently changed the "casing on the motherboard." What does that mean?
  14. changing my PC case with slightly better cooling.

    Well this is what i tried in these days, searched for the same issue at google but haven't found anything expect people talking about PSU , OS , memory and Drivers,.
    So now I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 x64 bit on same PC.

    And when i was working at OS in VMware in Windows 7 x32 .Bluescreen occurred when i change the resolution in VMware.
    On the other hand i tried exact same thing in Win7 x64 change the resolution in VMWare. No crash !!! It doesn't seems like a bad GPU.

    It is working fine with x64 no problem in browsing or playing games until i put four 80mm fans in pc case running on same PSW.
    It stuck after i shutdown the game and open my browser.! again blue screen.. even in x64!!
  15. thank you all.
    My problem was solved just by disabling "Use hadrware acceleration when available" option under Option > Advanced General in my browser..
    thank you all of you.
  16. XFX ATI Radeon HD 6790 Crashes
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