Artifacting and graphic errors

Hi there, I started up battlefield 3 and suddenly all the graphics were going wonky, artifacts and shadows began to appear and so i tried a second game Aion and it was doing the same thing there. So i decided to update my graphics card.

once it updated i restarted my computer and i tested it with Aion first, at first everyhting seemed fine, then suddenly my display driver crashed and restarted. Everything seemed normal but every now and then some artifacts appear on my game screen and on my desk top around my window borders and such but go away quickly. I also see some small disorientation when doing actions and such. So i do not believe my problem is fixed.

anyone able to help?

my laptop is around a 1 and a half years old
Asus Notebook G73Sw series
Intel i7-2630QM
8 GB of ram
64 bit windows 7
Geforce GTX 460m

thank you
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  1. Have you tried to set everything to the default settings/clocks? You could also uninstall your drivers, boot into safemode and run a driversweeper then reboot and reinstall your old drivers?
  2. i restarted the laptop a third time and so far nothing bad has happened yet but i will try those things
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