Corsair CX600 could be good?

hi everybody,
I was wondering which power supplies would work well, I need 2x6 pin connector for the HD 6950 , and I was thinking CX600 is a good choice , but what are you all thinking I should get ( same range price please )?
thank you.
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    It's a decent psu made by channel well, it has the amps for the 6950.
    There's this one :

    Which is better, for 69.9$ with the promo code(ends today) and 49.99$ after mir.
    There's also the xfx which is of better quality(made by seasonic) :
  2. its alright but theres better alternatives.
  3. I got mine for $40 bucks. It's a good PSU. Wait a little while and set a notification for it on and you won't find a better deal.
  4. eh its an ok ps. but for the price id get a antec neo 520watts. for 40$
  5. i would also get the antec neo eco 520w over the corsair cx600 (both for price and slightly better build) but the corsair cx series is solid enough and will do the job with no problem.
  6. yep.
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