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I'm trying to form a complete home media solution based around my pc. Currently I have a monitor connected to the DVI connection at my desk where the computer is at, my tv is connected via HDMI in the living room. For my bedroom I have a spare lcd speakerless monitor that is VGA. My question is would I be able to buy the mini display to vga adapter and about 20 ft of cable and run it from one of the mini display outputs from my 7850. I would have a screen on HDMI, DVI, and Mini-Display. My goal is to throw movies to individual or multiple displays, like starting a movie in the living room then taking it to the bedroom. I've never messed around with setting up more than two displays and was hoping for some input before I throw down $100 on cables and adapters. Sound isn't really an issue. I will most likley use a 2.1 speaker system run from a splitter at the pc to the bedroom unless there is a better option. Also I will need mouse control of the the computer from the bedroom. Only one wall seperates the bedroom to where the computer is at. Thanks!
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  1. After doing some more research I've discovered to do 3 screens to use the 2 mini display outputs and my HDMI output. Is this true? I've priced 22 ft of minidisplay cable and adpaters for $60 at newegg. I assume cable length isn't a video issue. If all of this is correct then that just leaves the mouse issue. I've never owned a wirless mouse that works through walls. It's less than 10 ft away with a wall separating the pc and bedroom.
  2. You seem to have a grasp of what you're doing. The 7870 will drive 3 displays at once fine, you don't even really need much power beyond integrated to do what you're talking about. You'll only be driving one display at once, so all you'll need is the right cables/adapters, and a good wireless keyboard/mouse, any will do really. Don't get jipped buying cables from the local best buy.
  3. so your saying using the 2 minidisplays and hdmi will work how I want it to? I didnt buy the 7850 for just this haha that would be a bit o overkill. I don't really like wireless because it seems the one time you are really in a hurry the batteries die, then none are to be found. I have the microsoft sidewinder led keyboard so I'm not getting a wireless one. I had a wireless logitec mouse but that pos wouldn't work 5 feet from the reciever let alone through a wall. I'm not into the gaming dpi super intense mice so if you have one in mind that you know from experience that it will work roughly 10 ft away and through a wall I will look into it. I know I will most likely pay more for this feature. Best Buy isn't all bad deals...
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