GTX 560 vs HD radeon 7770?

Hey fellas, i'm building yet another system for one of my friends and i have the choice between a palit gtx 560 smart edition and a sapphire radeon 7770. Here are the two:

GTX 560:

RADEON 7770:

I know both perform closely but which one will have an edge and better overall for gaming and graphics intensive jobs? Btw the gtx 560 is not a regular has some stream processors disabled and less cuda cores than the standard one.
The 560 is also cheaper. What would be better for battlefield 3 and crysis 2? Thanks for any rep!
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  1. The gtx 560 se you linked to is a gimped version of the gtx 560. It still performs better than most 7770s theoretically but has very limited review coverage because of its low availability. In terms of pure performance and overclockability, I'd take it anyday. However, it will use loads more power than the 7770, which is also a chip with decent overclocking headroom and which also be much quieter doing a similar job.
  2. thanks but is the difference really noticeable in terms of fps in games and which one would you recommend in the longrun?i thinks thats the important question... i personally prefer the 7770 but the price of the gtx 560 is a really good deal!

    Also is the regular 560 MUCH faster than the 560se? Because it is much cheaper.

    THAnKS again!
  3. Is the 560 worth over the 7770 in your opinion? the 7770 has more technological gizmos and both the mobo and the 7770 are pci express 3.0 compatible...Is that a goog thing?
  4. I've built 2 systems recently with the radeon 7770 and have had zero issues and great framerates. The framerate difference between a 560 se and a 7770 is negligible, but the full 560 may be slightly noticable. Anything you can play with a gtx 560 can be played with a 7770.
    In the long run the 7770 is my favorite option, as it can achieve great overclocks at low power use and minimal cost, and works wonders even at stock settings.
    pci-e 3.0 only currently helps framerates in extreme sli applications, it's a technology for motherboards to support the insane power future cards will offer and the bandwidth they will need 4 years down the road. It is unnecessary on modern mid-level graphics cards.
  5. OK thanks again for the helpful info sir. it seems that i'll opt for the 7770 then :)
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