I bought a fx 6100 :-( need upgrade

Hi all

I bought a Fx-6100 about a week ago and was excited when it arrived only to find through looking at these forums it was probably the wrst chip i could have put in my system. well i will learn.
So im looking at changing this what do you suggest i go for with £150 i have a Asrock 970 extreme 3 MOBO

willing to change board too for up to (£200 total with cpu)

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  1. the 8350 is AMDs best cpu
  2. I'd go with an 8120. Your board is fine. The best you can get is a 990. The 970 is close.
  3. From what I've heard around here. It's 8350>8320>=6300>8150>8120>6100

    The 8320 is about equal to a 6300. The 6300 has the best bang per dollar. It can overclock up to I5 stock speed, but you'll need an aftermarket CPU cooler.
  4. my biggest concern is that when i benchmark this set up against others with same CPU and GPU im scoreing 1000 less than then on PCMARK 7 which is worrying me

    I score around 3000 with this rig

    CPU - fx-6100 OC to 4.2Ghz
    GPU - hd 7770
    DDR3 16gb (1333)
    SSD 60 gb sata II
    1tb HDD

    I have made sure i close everything down the MSCONFIG to ensure start up is blank then restart wait 2 mins then run PCMark and i still come way short of people with same CPU/GPU i cannot understand it
  5. I don't think you need a new CPU you need to work out why it may not be performaing as it should. If you PC is for gaming the GPU will hold it back well before the CPU anyway. Have you stress tested the system, run Memtest & checked your max temps?
  6. dont know how to do that. i have seen that even when converting Video my Temps are only getting to 42 max on CPU and Board stays around 28-29c
  7. Download OCCT and run both the CPU & GPU stress tests and keep an eye on the temps. Apart from PCMark are there any other signs its underperforming?
  8. yer 3d mark is lower than others scores and i rate a 7.2 on
    cpu score on windows index score which was same as amd athlon x4 i had
  9. Hi pal. i got the OCCT and started running it but after 2 mins my CPu temp was at 75c so i stopped it as thought that was very close to melt down is this right or should i be concerned??
  10. Just re ran it again and its stopped with error but dont know what this means???
  11. Is the system overclocked at all and are you using the stock cooler? See what temps you are hitting when running one of the benchmarks and also look at what speed the CPU is running at, if its running below its stock speed it is likely throttling due to heat.
  12. i have OC it to 4.2ghz using overdrive from AMD and yes stock cooler. i want to buy a new cooler but not sure which to get
  13. Well lose the overclock as its not stable and is causing overheating. When you get a good cooler overclock it properly testing stability at every stage. A good cooler on a budget is Coolermasters 212 Evo.
  14. Also when its back to its stock settings check it runs as it should.
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