PSU good enough for Radeon 6670?

I hear that you're supposed to have at least 400W for your PSU to power a radeon 6670. My PSU only has around 280W and I have no clue how to check the 12 volt continuous rating. I have a IdeaCentre k320 desktop by Lenovo. I was just wondering if I do need a PSU upgrade for this new graphics card if you guys could recommend me one that will work well with this graphic card.
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  1. either one of these would be better:
    both are cheap, much better than the one you listed. both are suitable for running radeon hd 6670 (or even higher).
    if you want to check +12v rail's amps rating, look at the psu label, it should be printed on it.
  2. Antec VP-450 is among the best priced sub $40 PS out there.

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