Need some help with graphics issues and BSOD

Hello all

I need some advice, for the past few months, when playing games not all but most. I get random freezes in the middle of playing, the mouse will move for another few seconds then it locks or freezes totally, cant get out no matter what unless I reboot. Now the funny thing is i can be on msn msg or ventrillo talking with friends and it still runs in the background no problem? The BSOD has pointed to two drivers for failure that is the dxgkrnl.sys and ntoskrnl.sys as the problems. I have done tons or searching and have not found a soultion one yet that seems to work. Any one seriously any suggestions or answers woudl be appreciated. This issue only happens maybe once a week or so, but it is annoying enough to frustrate me. Here are a few things have done to let you all know.

1. DId a driver cleaner sweep launched into safe mode and did a clean install of Nvidia driver.
2. Did a mem+86 test for 9 plus hours no issues found.
3. Have tried older and newer drivers doesnt make a difference.
4. Have stressed tested CPU, GPU, no issues.

Question if i replaced those two files would that help? Or my thought is if the files where bad it would crash all the time? Here are my computer specs.

Dual Xeon 3ghz processors
8 gig Kingston ram (ram is what the motherboard is called for)
Intel S5000XVN motherboard
GTX 560 nvidia GPU 2 gig ram
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

Please any help would be appreciated at whits end with this.

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  1. Are you checking your temps? Is the inside of your case free from dust build up? Don't replace those files. You have a event viewer check it out and let us see what has happened.

    How long ago did this start to happen? Do you remember if you made any changes or added hardwear or softwear or even updated? What were the stress test you did? What it looks like is your display adaptors quit.

    Do you get a sound like someone taking record player needle and pullin it across the record or just any sound? Did you OC anything? Sorry for all the questions just trying to narrow it down a bit.

    What is your PSU brand and wattage? Get back to us and we will see what we can to help good luck.
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