Intel Core i5 3570 upgrade. Good buy or not worth it?

I am upgrading my old Phenom II X6 1055T (running stock clocks) to a new Core i5 3570 (I did not get the "k" version because it was $30 more, and I dont intend to OC). I obviously upgraded the mobo and I also picked up a new XFX 7970 Black Edition, which is the main reason I decided to upgrade my CPU. I was worried about bottle-necking the GPU. I use the computer mostly for gaming (FPS games) I am also a graphic designer, so I also use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. quite often.

So was my upgrade justified or should I have waited? I just ordered it today so its not too late to return everything.
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  1. you'll love the upgrade. Enjoy!
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    The two key advantages of the 3570K over the 3570 are that the former has an unlocked multiplier for O/Cing and superior integrated graphics. Since you're planning to run at stock speed with a discrete graphics card, both advantages are moot in your case. Neither chip is a "bottleneck" for any current graphics card, so don't worry about that either.

    In short, rest assured that you made the right choice and saved a few bucks in doing so!
  3. Since you won't overclock and do a lot of graphics, why not go with fx 8350?!
  4. if you wont overclock id recommand the 8350 tbh.
  5. Since I can currently get the 3570 for just $10 more than the 8350 I think I will just stick with the i5. I would probably not notice much difference while gaming, but in everyday use I think the better value lies with the i5 setup. I think it will be a safe bet to handle the next 3 years or so of productivity and PC gaming.
  6. sounds good :)
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