Need help picking out a Aftermarket cooler

Hi, I'm buying a i5 3570k.
My case (an HP case) doesn't have very good I'm worrying about the temperatures..since ivy bridge does run very hot.

I don't plan on overclocking. Here are the things I'm looking for, small aftermarket cooler .. (The HP case isn't that big, it's a standard mid tower, 5.9 " in width).
Obviously the cooler has to be better than the stock Intel one.

Any suggestions? Also, I don't want to go so expensive (max 80$) but please try to be MUCH lower than that.
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  1. Really anything is better than the stock cooler on that chip, go for something by Arctic, like this -
  2. One of these should fit
    It's pretty much the same as everyones favorite EVO 212, only it uses 92mm fans so it's much shorter. I run one and it works great, granted my CPU is much weaker than a 3570 it'll still be alright for you.
  3. I like both suggestions thanks a lot.

    I'm wondering actually do I need to be worrying about space with the case?

    The case has poor airflow (only 1 fan at the back, and it PSU exhaust. It also has ventilation holes which seem to be outputting some air)

    Do I also need to be worrying about the CPU cooler not getting enough ventilation? The vent holes are right above where the cpu socket should be.
  4. CPU coolers don't really need air from the outside, it's pushing the hotter air out the back, not really moving cold air in so much. If that makes sense.
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