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So I'm a first timer, and subsequently am prepared for any backlash I may get for this.

For about 6 months I have been juggling building my own PC or just buying one from Cyberpower (no reason other than I've heard good things).

I don't need to be convinced not to buy because I would rather build one but am just a little intimidated by buying all the parts: getting the correct ones and not over paying, or getting crappy parts. I'm not worried about building it, I work in IT with hardware almost every day.

I'm looking to spend $1100 or less, It is primarily for gaming/web surfing/watching videos and I would like to be able to run games at HIGH settings. Not necessarily MAX but definitely high. If I'm off on price in respect to whether or not that's possible please let me know.

So far I'm relatively confident I want to start with:

i5 3570k

Radeon 7850

The parts that I am most worried about are the mobo, power supply....well basically everything else ;)

I also know I will probably buy a mobo/video card combo from

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Approximate date of purchase: ASAP

    Budget: Maxed at 1200

    System usage from most important to least: Gaming, Video Watching, Web Surfing

    Are you buying a monitor: Yes

    Parts to upgrade: Everything

    Do you need to buy an OS: yes

    Preferred website: tigerdirect/

    Location: Maryland

    Parts Preferences: Intel CPU and a Radeon GPU but am open to ideas

    Overclocking: Depends. I'm not going to OC just to OC. But if I need to or will see a large improvement I will of couse.

    SLI/Crossfire: Dont know what this is

    Monitor Resolution: Soon to be 1920x1080 single monitor.

    Additional comments: Hopefully this build will last me a couple years and when the time comes I'll just need to upgrade a few parts. Games I'll be playing GW2, borderlands 2, and whatever else might catch my eye. I want to play these games on max settings or high settings.

    Why are you upgrading: My current computer is really old and can't really play games. I'll be giving this one to my parents which is why I need new everything.
  2. SLI/Crossfire means running two graphics cards simultaneously. This will increase gaming and video rendering performance, but I don't think you need to worry about this.

    This build has a locked CPU, which means you cannot overclock it, but there is no point. However, the 7850 is VERY good at overclocking, and you will see a performance jump if you do. It is very easy to do with MSI Afterburner software.
    Here is the build.

    I included an SSD for fast boot up more or less. You can also put some frequently used programs on there as well.

    1080p gaming for the budget. :D
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