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SB Audigy 2 sound card worth putting in my system?


I picked up a lot of old PC parts from a friend of mine for free because he had no use at all for it any more. One of the parts I picked is an old Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card. My question is, is it worth putting in my system?

My computer is all built around an Asrock Z75 Pro3 Motherboard. If it is benifitial, would I be able to find drivers for it still? I think the card is from 2002 (or at least that's what it says on it.) Also, is it compatible with Windows 7?

Thanks in advance!
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    whynot its higher quality sound than onboard junk tbh.

    id say whynot.
  2. put it in, and listen. if its better, keep it, if its not, pull it

  3. of course its better. audigy2 was a great card.

    onboard cant compare anyday of the week to a quality soundboard, even older one.
  4. Will I have any compatibility issues with Windows 7? Will I be able to find drivers? It was of course designed for Windows XP.
  5. i tossed one into my girlfriend's PC when i built it. windows 7 drivers work with it just fine. is it an improvement on-board mobo audio? a little
  6. Thanks for recommending this! I would have never thought it was better than on board audio. This blows it away haha. Installation was smooth and it was easy as pie to install the drivers.
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  8. cheers
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