Will this PSU be enough for my system?

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  1. yeah should be

    be nice if you had just listed the parts though

    saves having to open all those links and remember what they all were :)
  2. It should be ok, but if you don't have it yet I would go for something a little bigger in wattage, perhaps a 550-600w just for a little bit of head room, especially if you are planning on overclocking.
  3. ANY decent 500 will do ...
  4. That psu will do, he doesn't need a 500W psu...for a 650 gtx and a pentium G860.
    The maximum tdp of the card is 64 W, the cpu doesn't get more than 55W.
    The total system at load will not draw more than ~150W.
    Nvidia recommend for it a 400W psu.
    You're fine with that psu.
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