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Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could help me with my fan arrangement inside my Carbide 300r.

The 300r comes with a 140 intake at the front and a 120 exhaust at the back, with mounts for a second 140/120 at the front, 2 120/140s at the top and two 120/140s on the side panel.

I'm interested in filling the two top mounts with 140mm exhaust fans because the PC is in a quite cramped corner and the back doesn't get much ventilation resulting in quite a bit of heat accumulating there. I would like to use 140s for this to fill as much of the space as possible in order to prevent dust falling in there (yay for no dust filters >.<).

I've done some reading which suggested that this layout would result in me having a much lower air pressure inside the case (3 exhaust with only one intake) resulting in dust getting into the case through all the small cracks in the joins etc. I can see one way around this would be to flip the rear 120 exhaust and stick a second 140 at the front of the case, giving me 3 intake and only 2 exhaust.

Would this be a sensible option? I can foresee the rear 120 acting as an intake conflicting with my current 212evo blowing air out the back, but could that just be rotated to face upwards?

I'd also like some advice on the types of fan to get if at all possible. I understand the differences between AirFlow and StaticPressure fans, and would assume that AF fans are what I should be going for, correct? Would an SP fan be a better option for the second front intake position at the front which is obscured by the hard-drive cage?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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  1. The amount of positive pressure to prevent settling of dust cannot be achieved by 300r's design. One point to note will be greater number of fans at lower speed in proper positions helps maintain streamline airflow and thus helps cooling. Fan speed itself is not so important. But a high speed intake 140mm at front upper position would help.
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