Can't decide on a mid tower gaming case

I'm building my first gaming rig really soon and can't choose between which case to get.
I've narrowed it down to 3:

CM Haf 922

CM Storm Enforcer

Rosewill Blackhawk

All three of these cases are $89.99 right now. I'm leaning toward the haf 922 because it's on sale and I've read it has great airflow but I'm sort of wanting a side panel window. I was originally going to get the blackhawk, but then i read that the cm hyper 212 evo doesn't fit well in that case.

If anyone can tell me which of the 3 I should get or any other recommendations, that would be great.
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    I like the understated look of the blackhawk, and the case fan cooling situation looks good too.

    However, if your CPU cooler of choice won't fit, I would go for the 922.
  2. Alright, I think im gonna go with the 922.

    Thanks :)
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