Low FPS on games which I know should have better FPS

Hello, I've searched through all the threads and different forums on this topic but I am still confused and have not made much progress. My computer specs are

Graphics Card: GTX 560 ti
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500k
Memory: 8192MB RAM

When running games, for example, "Just Cause 2" I set all the video options to the very lowest and still only get 10 or lower FPS. It's frustrating to see even videos recording their gameplay on similar set ups as mine with beautiful frame rate.

(Btw I'm not sure if I gave enough information about my computer this is my first time really addressing the situation to other people. If you need anything else to help you solve the problem just say so.)
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  1. Have you tried to reinstal nvidia drivers or format the pc?
  2. I haven't tried reinstalling the drivers but I'm 100% up to date, I'll try to reinstall them now though. I'm also not so sure on what formatting your PC is
  3. I wouldn't "format the pc" just yet!! - don't we still have options to explore, Pennanen?

    Bipolarbear, only time for a quick reply.....could you google a few gfx card company+"GTX 560 ti review" (make sure you use the full product name) then let us know how far off your benchmark scores are compared to the reviewers - hopefully you have a few of the reviewers games, using their exact same gfx settings (they normally include regular cpu's in their setup's).
  4. got the dvi cable plugged into the card or into the mother board ?
  5. One example which really stood out is this video showing how the game just cause 2, a game which i have, runs on his GTX 560 ti with an i5 2500k. Now if I were to make a video on my computer in this same situation lets just say it would be fairly close to a stand still picture....
  6. swifty_morgan said:
    got the dvi cable plugged into the card or into the mother board ?


    Sometimes it could happen............. if it connected to mobo change it to the GPU..........
  7. first off did you install the newest intel chipset drivers. if you did not then your pci bus is going to be missing drivers needed to run the video card. download gpu-z and cpu-z. cpu-z make sure your mb reading the cpu right. that the cpu sped and ram speed is right. with gpu-z make sure the video card is read right and the pci bus speed. the older cards should be running with the sb chip pci 2.0 speed by 16x. also check that you have the video card in the right pci video slot. most time with one card if it in the wrong slot the video card run at 4x or 1x speed.
  8. When you mean check if my cpu is right and my ram speed is right as well as my gpu and pci bus speed. How do i know if it's right...

    As well as I'm not using a DVI cable I'm using a HDMI since my current monitor's DVI doesn't match my computer's DVI.
  9. ............ and you're plugging THAT ( hdmi cable ) into your video card and NOT the motherboard ?
  10. gtx 560 Ti doesn't have HDMI port, which means he's plugging it to the motherboard.

    Bipolarbear, since your are plugging your cable to motherboard instead of the graphics card, you are running the PC from onboard graphics, which aren't meant for gaming. That explains why you cannot play the game. I'd buy an DVI to HDMI adapter and connect the monitor to the card.

  11. Bipolarbear said:
    ...my current monitor's DVI doesn't match my computer's DVI.....

    This intresting, what do u means by diffrent ???
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