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I have recently purchased a Asus Maximus IV Gene-7/Gen3 MoBo with an Arctic Freezer 11LP CPU fan and Itel i7 CPU. The case is a SilverStone GD05 which comes with 3 120mm chassis fan with 3 pin connectors. I added two 80mm exhaust chassis fans to the case as well. The MoBo has fan control in the BIOS for any 4 pin PWM connector going to 4 chassis fan connectors. However, only the Arctic Freezer has a 4 pin connector. How can I control the RPMs on all of the chassis fans that only came with 3 pin connectors? I have enough connectors on the MoBo but they are for 4 pin connections. Appreciate any feedback as this is my first build. Thanks!
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    Getting a fan controller will help heaps :) The only other option is to get fan resister cables to reduce the RPM, however, you have no control over what RPM you would want them to spin at.
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