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I want to change the thermal paste on my 6870 but I don't know how to do it, I made a little research but it seems like no one has my gpu, they all made instructions on how to change the thermal paste on 6870 cards from a different brand than mine , wich has 3 fans attached on it, you could see it here:

The reason I'm changing the thermal paste its because my gpu gets very hot while I'm playing videogames, it reachs beetween 88c and 100c under load and 63c on idle.
I bought it brand new about 3 weeks ago so it should be working well, it has no dust or something.
My gaming case also has no dust and its well ventilated with 1 exhaust fan in the back, 1 intake fan on the front and a 220 fan on the rear close to the gpu, you people could see my gaming case here:

I tried opening the case and I still got the same temps, I also tried to put a huge fan close to the opened case and I still got the same hot temps, so I'm willing to take the risk and change the thermal paste.
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    From the looks of it, there should be screws around that area. I didn't see anything where the DVI outputs are, so you should be fine.

    Also, there should be a fan connector after you unscrew those, so be sure to gently unplug that.

    I've changed the TIM on my brother's XFX Double D 6870, different card, but generally the same idea :lol: you'll see better temps if you do it right. Good luck!
  2. I managed to change the thermal paste, I used Arctic Silver 5 and the temps dropped a lot.
    40c on idle and 60c on load.

    Thanks. :D
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