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I need some (alot) of help with a wifi setup. What i would like to do (if reasonably possible) is blanket as much of my farm with wifi as is practical so i can use wireless ip cameras as trail cameras for hunting.

The farmhouse is roughly at the center of 300 acres and sits centered in a valley which is approx. 700 feet across with hills acending rapidly on each side. This gives a good line of sight to the house from most anywhere on the property. If i could get close to a quarter mile radius from house it would be great. I am thinking i would power the cameras each with a marine battery and maybe a small solar panel to extend the time between recharges. This should allow power to amp signal from camera back to the house if needed.

There are comercial trail cams that claim a mile on wifi so i am guessing this is possible but i know very little about it so any help is greatly appreciated.

if your wondering why not buy commercial trail cams that do this, $1200++ each camera is too much.
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  1. Sad to say, but I'm pretty sure you'd need something other than wi-fi to achieve what you're after.

    I mean in theory you could set up a series of repeaters, though with this you'd then need to feed them power. I'm also unsure if there would be problems with the connection strength considering the distances.

    The main problem though above all else is the fact that your bridges would essentially be out in the open. So even if you found a proper way to feed them power and have the signal broadcast over such a large distance, the elements would tear them to shreds.

    There's also the possibility of using a re-purposed satellite dish to broadcast a signal further... I'm not too experienced in that though so you'd need someone else to point you in the proper direction =S

    Hope I helped =)
  2. thanks Noidis,

    i found a company called Arystone (google arystone if interested) that builds a system for basically what i want to do. they claim 1/2 mile radius from their arymesh hub and an additional 1/2 mile from each additional unit. the units are made for outdoor use and have an automated cofiguration via their website. this all sounds wonderful but has anyone heard of them or used their products. i'd hate to buy one to find out it won't work for me. thanks again.
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