CPU in laptop died

The CPU in my hp dv7-4063ca laptop died. Seing as how I have to get a new CPU, I thought why not upgrade to a quad core CPU. If memory serves me right, so long as the Socket, FSB, and TDP are the same as the old CPU, the new CPU should work. The CPU I had before was the AMD Phenom II x3 N830. I was looking to replace it with the AMD Phenom II x4 N970. Here are the specs about the CPU, and my laptop.

AMD Phenom II X3 N830:

AMD Phenom II X4 N970:

HP dv7-4063ca:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. first of all what makes you think your CPU is dead? are you sure its not another problem?

    also some laptops have their CPUs soldered down so you cant replace it. you need to check your model.
  2. When my laptop doesn't POST, there is a series of flash codes that appear on the caps lock key, the code I got was for the CPU. I did further reading on this and discovered some people were getting this due to a defect in the MB. The CPU is cheaper so I am starting with that. The CPU is removeable, I already checked it. I used to do this with Desktops, but starting around 2002, I just found it easier to get motherboard CPU and Ram bundles, then install them in my rig. Problem is, I now live in an appartment that is smaller than most peoples Kitchen's. Hence I have to use a laptop. The only reason I went HP, is because it was the cheapest one I could find that would play my games with no difficulty.
  3. CPUs hardly ever sure. Its far more likely its the board
  4. unksol said:
    CPUs hardly ever sure. Its far more likely its the board

    I got a feeling it's both, I can get really good deals on computer parts, so i might just buy the two cpus, and a new MB. Then if one of them doesn't work I'll just sell it on ebay, at a reduced but profitable price.
  5. Once again, nobody has answered my question. Thiis is the exact reason why i feel forum sites don't work. Not a single one of you who answered here answered my question.
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