Possible bottleneck?

I'm thinking about purchasing a Radoen HD 7950

I'm currently running on an AMD Phenom X4 955 @ 3.2ghz on this board:

I have 8 gigs of system ram.

Will that create a bottleneck?

Thanks in advance!
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    The x4 955 will bottleneck a bit the 7950, but since it comes with two games it's worth it.
    There's the 7870 xt which is almost as good as the 7950 :

    But it comes with a different game(tomb raider), if you want crysis 3 get the 7950.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Drat I have to buy another board.
  3. Yep 955 is letting you down. The board is fine:)
  5. I can't go up much from my current CPU on that board unless I'm missing something, which is totally possible.
  6. Yes, it's doesn't support any FX cpus from amd.
    It supports the 1090T and 1100T but it's hard to find those cpus and they're expensive, not worth it.
  7. Ah yeah, fair enough, forgot how hard it was to get these chips these days without paying through the nose. Ack, looks like a full upgrade is in order I'm afraid :/
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