Final Build. Would like feedback.

Here are the specs and tell me what you think about the system and price:

Tower: Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ Adjustable HDD Cage

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3570K 3.40 GHz 6MB Intel Smart Cache (20% Overclocked)

FANS: Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Cooler (Nickle Plated Double-V Heatpipe w/ Color Changing LED Cap)

Hard Drive: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200 RPM HDD

Memory: 8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws X (4GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel

MotherBoard: [CrossFireX/SLI] GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP4 TH Intel Z77 Chipset DDR3 ATX Mainboard w/ IRST, Lucid Virtu MVP, 2x Thunderbolt, Ultra Durable 5, 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, HDMI, 3x Gen3 PCIe x16, 3x PCIe x1 & 1 PCI

Power Supply: 600W Corsair -600CXV2 Builder Series CX600 V2 80 Plus Certified

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB 16X PCIe 3.0 (EVGA Super-clocked)

CD-ROM: 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive

Windows 7 64-BIT

I will end up having around $1300 total after shipping costs and with the OS. Do you think this machine is a good setup? Comments or concerns will be much appreciated.
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  1. No one?
  2. TheBigTroll said:

    This. It is a better option.
  3. My thing.. Why would I need a 750W.. Everyone said 600W would be plenty. Also isn't the EVGA Superclocked a better card than the MSI and the motherboard I would be getting better than the one listed? I agree the price is 40 bucks better but seems like the parts are a little less as well.
  4. Good build TBT, but:

    Get a WD drive.
    Get 600w/650w.
  5. Best answer
    1: assuming you would do SLI, i put in a 750w psu. if you are not, get a 550w version
    2: seagate and WD are about the same. WD has a longer warranty but im not going to pay 20 bucks for that
    3: lol evga. msi power edition gtx670 is the best one out there. has pretty much the best cooler and has overvolting support which the evga or any other gtx 670 do no
    4: you can get the UP4 but there isnt too much of a difference in terms of performance or overclocking given you arent doing anything extreme. and at that price point, id be getting a asus z77-v pro (more features)
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