Monitor Rescales after reboot, need fix!

I'm using an MSI 6850 and through the Catalyst software (12.6) everytime I reboot my pc, it boots with a 1-inch-ish border around it from scaling.

I'm using an ANCIENT hard drive because i thought it wouldn't be a problem but its starting to be, but I'm replacing it soon with the new-ish barracudas with 1 tb platters.. So when I reboot I have to way like FIVE MINUTES for it to fully boot so I can open up CCC and rescale it manually.

Anyone have an idea how I can keep the scaling the way it is (0% overscan) without having to constantly change it? Its starting to get annoying

Idk what size buti'm pretty sure its a 22" Acer widescreen monitor, 1080P, using HDMI
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  1. I am having a similar issue with having to readjust my display every time I reboot. I built my computer myself about 6mo ago, here is what I have in it. Any suggestions on a solution would be much appreciated.

    Processor-AMD Phenom 2 x4 965
    Graphics- AMD Radeon HD 6790
    Motherboeard-Asus M5A97
    Hdd- Westen digital 1.5tb
    Monitor-Samsung 19"
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