Rosewill card cant install drivers?

Recently bought the rosewill rnx-n250pc2 and cannot install it on my new rig. I t works but really weakly. I am running win 8 on a new pc i built . Also have a wndr3300 router that i cannot setup because when i put the install disk in it wont register an Ethernet adapter. If you need anything else to help me with the situation please ask and as always thanks for reading this!
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  1. Do you have the wireless router connected with an Ethernet cable?
    In that case is the LAN/ethernet adapter enabled in BIOS?
  2. When I boot up it says a library file from rwutility not loading and when I directly dl drivers from website it stops throught the set up wizard and say cannot be installed on this platform. How do I go into bios and enable the device as I'm getting Internet to the computer the device is manually installed correctly right? Just not setup
  3. And yes I have a wireless router hooked up Xbox and laptop work but can't locate n band network only g if u can help with this thanks
  4. Usually pressing del(ete) key on startup lets you into BIOS.
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