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Hi i am looking for a cheap case that will fit my h100i the case i am using now got smashed and i already have the cooler with a asus sabertooth x79 board and 4gb x 8 ram. I dont have the money to go over $100 but i would like to get another case.
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  2. not exactly what i would call "Cheap", but I still give my +1 for the 410 (I have one and they are great!). lots of colour options and space for plenty of fans and long GPUs (removable HDD cage when needed). if you want CHEAP, the coolermaster 430 elite will fit a h100i comfortably (with fans mounted on top, but as is the way with a lot of cases nowadays).
  3. if u buy a 100i why the hell would u cheap out on a case.
  4. i bought it a while back when i had money to spare and the case that i was using fell apart last night. So i just need something to fit it for now i'm going to get a better case sometime later in the year.
  5. coolmaster HAF xb. I love the little thing.
  6. well the one i recommanded is beauty and works good.
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  8. excellent
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