My rig worth saving? or throw in the towel?

<b>Approximate Purchase Date:</b> immediate or 9 months
<b>Budget Range:</b>$400 or $1500 in 9months
<b>System Usage from Most to Least Important:</b>gaming
<b>Are you buying a monitor:</b> No
<b>Parts to Upgrade:</b> SLI video card?
<b>Do you need to buy OS:</b> No
<b>Preferred Website(s) for Parts:</b> best deal
<b>Location: City, State/Region, Country:</b>Toronto, Canada
<b>Parts Preferences:</b>any
<b>Overclocking:</b> Maybe, I'd need to upgrade case and cooling
<b>SLI or Crossfire:</b> Maybe
<b>Your Monitor Resolution:</b>1920x1080
<b>Additional Comments:</b>I play Starcraft2 on Ultra settings and GW2 on max settings
<b>And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading:<b>Replays in Starcraft2 on x8 speed are low fps (ultra settings) and getting some sub 30FPS in Guild Wars2 in crowded areas (max settings)

My question to the community if you're willing, is: Is there anything that can be done to get another 15months out of this system? Or should i just wait and buy a whole new rig in 9months time. My upgrade breaking point is not being able to run games with respectable FPS anything less than max. Specs;

Intel Core2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz
8gb Ram DDR2
XFX MB-750I-72P9
650W ATX Generic PSU
EVGA Nvidia 560ti 1GB

My thoughts are to just wait till I have the cash and scrap this one, but if anyone could make a case for spending $400 to save it, would be appreciated!

P.S. my system scored P3573 in 3Dmark11, seems rather abysmal? It clocked my CPU at 2.666GHZ and RAM at 400mhz? Could there be some bottleneck? or is that right for these specs? I would classify my computer knowledge as basic. (pretty much I can find the right hole)

thanks in advance

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    i would wait the 9 months and get this
  2. Buddy... come back in 9 months, by then next gen GPUs and CPUs will be out.
  3. idroid said:
    Buddy... come back in 9 months, by then next gen GPUs and CPUs will be out.

    +1 i forgot about that
  4. Best answer selected by Vaala.
  5. Cheers :) Pretty much what I thought
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