Power button won't work

well, I (finally) got the parts for my computer that I was building today, assembled it. Now, this was the first time I ever did this, and I had some rough banging against the motherboard happning because it was a tight squeeze.

Now, when everything is wired in, I go to turn the power on to see if the motherboard is broken or not, and the button isn't even powering on. The PSU seems fine, I didn't replace it but the light on the back turns on.

Any ideas on how to power up my computer?
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  1. Did you put stand-offs on motherboard? Boy i hope so....... Did you connect front panel wires to motherboard? Is there a power button on your motherboard to try to turn on?

    More troubleshooting here. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems
  2. The standoffs are fine, no extras are touching the motherboard but there's one hole in the motherboard with no standoff underneath.

    Front panel wires?

    And there's no power button :c. I watched a video and some guy turned his on by shorting something, but I can't find out what he did.
  3. Also, how fragile are mobo's? Would a couple of scratches be enough to cause them to stop working completely?

    I can assume the answer is yes, which is why I'm stressed. I already overspent my budget on the dang parts so getting a new one would take a while which means several weeks without a computer :c.
  4. my first thought is the the power switch cable isn't connected properly. It was working fine before? is it on and set to the right voltage? Are the fans turning on? the button itself click? just to rule out s imply broken button.
  5. the button clicks but no fans are turning =\. button seems to also be plugged in fine.
  6. hope you followed the wiring diagram in the booklet that came with the mother board........... pull all those front connection wires......find the power switch wire........ the booklet will tell you where it goes........... on the bottom where the 2 wires attach to this small plastic thing that connects to the board.......... look at the back of it. there should be a small arrow. this will be your positive terminal.......... it will also probably be the colored wire. all the negatives will be the same color..... usually.... plug that into the board on the proper pins. power up. hit button......... start ?
  7. I looked through the booklet and it doesn't tell me anything helpful :c. It doesn't show where to put the wires at all.
  8. post link to exact board..............
  9. It still isn't starting, I double checked the wires and I can't find nnd any that are out of place =\.

    Could it just be the motherboard that's broken? How badly broken would it have to be for the computer to not turn on at all?
  10. what board what board what board ?????
  11. ASRock B75M-GL
  12. asrock, yes, my book sucks too............. but the board is plainly marked. again. pull the front panel wires. only plug the power switch in. look for arrow on the back of the connector. that will be the positive wire.......... think the switch is bad........... look for the reset switch. use that in place of the power switch. see if the pdf manual will help.

  13. connector? front panel? :c

    pdf manual is the same as the book, like exactly the same >.<
  14. front panel connectors.......... you know, all those little wires.......... like power switch and reset and HD led, etc.

    open the front page of the booklet. look at left page........ see the wiring diagrams ?

    i wired mine without even looking at the book but I found the box just to look and I pulled the side off the case......... the board is clearly marked.
  15. I don't see anything labeled power switch or led on the board or in the booklets first few pages, or any wires labeled as that in the computer >.<. I'm probably missing something, damnit I feel useless >.>.
  16. i just happened to open the book and it was on the inside cover.

    there are only a couple of places you can plug small wires in on your board. look very carefully. very small letters. ask gramps for his magnifying glass.......... flashlight might help
  17. I still honestly can't find it :|. There's lots of small wires and I looked at the board intensively and I can't find anything labeled reset switch. There are no switches on this board at all, actually >.<.

    I've had my computer sitting there with it's lid off for a week now, unable to figure out how to turn it on T_T.
  18. if you have the side off and the case lying on it's side............ look at the lower right hand corner of the motherboard. Look very carefully because the writing is small......... you will see abbreviations like......... +pled/+pwrbtn/+rest/+hdled......... the ( + ) being the positive terminal.

    if you can't figure this out take it to a computer shop and have somebody do it for you. If they can't do this in 5 minutes time and start the machine for you take it someplace else.
  19. alright, I found em :p that last post helped tremendously
    Now how do I reset it?
  20. reset what ?
  21. or turn it on or w/e XD before you said find the reset switch?
  22. If you found the pins on the board and you put the wires in the proper places just hit the start button.
  23. it isn't starting, still >.<
  24. do you have the big power wire hooked up ? and the 4/8 pin up by the processor and the sata connected to the board and to the HD ? and power also ? Power to the video card ? power and sata to the dvd-rom drive ?
  25. Mhm, it's all connected :\.
  26. check the back of the power supply. see the "O" and the ( - ) on the switch......... ?............ flip it so the ( - ) is in "on" position.
  27. did that, button still isn't starting it :\.

    Just to recap:

    - Tried to turn on when I removed all the wires from the front panel (wich was actually top left corner for some reason). The only wires currently plugged in is the power, 4/8, and the wire connected to the button.

    - Tried when everything was plugged in. You were right, the wiring was not as complicated and the board was marked easily, I wired everything the first time in 10 minutes and there liteally was no other viable option for wiring which is why I was confused when it didn't turn on.

    - I switched the button behind the power supply. The power supply is lighting up when I plug it in, but the power button isn't working when I press it.

    :| I also removed everything and started from scratch, I examined the board and I could find no visible scratches, only a little stain mark on the outer rim (didn't touch any of the copper connectors).

    I'm gonna keep looking at it in hopes that there is something more to this wiring. I'll also post a pic if that helps =\.

    What I find when I plug everything in is that there are 3 wires coming from the power supply that don't seem to plug in anywhere. Two thick looking wires (the same that is connected to my hard drive) and one smaller wire labeled P6.

    Also, I have to say, thank you for bearing with me through this the whole time. I REALLY appreciate it since you've kept helping me for days now >.<. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help me get this setup.
  28. top left corner, now I'm confused.... lol. the IO panel is in the back of the case and the motherboard mates to that, correct ? meaning everything plugs in from outside the case right ?

    in order for the machine to start you need proper power. you said 4/8 pin but what about the 20/24 pin ? and everything else needs to be plugged in. power to all and data cables to dvd and HD.

    you installed the motherboard with the standoffs already in the case ?

    what kind of case........ htpc media ?
  29. Yup, the panel is in the back and that's how the motherboard fits. The front panel is in the top left, and the standoffs were built in XD. The top left corner has all those thing you mentioned, +hdled etc.

    20 pin is plugged in, 4 pin is plugged in, and the button was plugged in. I don't think I plugged in all the SATA cables before, but I did now and it's still not starting >.<.

    I'm not sure about the case, it's whatever case comes with a compaq presario CQ5814 XD.

    I can try to take a picture and put it on here (not sure if it's possible to post pictures but I have seen them on here before).
  30. used your old case and old power supply ? might be the problem right there. ps is probably junk I'm guessing ? what is it and how many amps ?

    list all components.
  31. Yeah, I used my old case and psu but the psu was working perfectly fine before.
    +3.3v - 18a
    +5v - 25a
    +12v - 14a

    are those the amps you needed o.O?
  32. what are the rest of your components ?

    and what exactly did you do to your mobo........ break/crack/stress ?
  33. I thought I cracked or at least scratched it, but like it said there isn't anything on it. When I said it was jostled around, I meant I had a tough time and it was hitting the side of the inside of the case a couple of times as I struggled to get it into place. The bottom and the impacts were what I was worried about.

    These are the parts I bought: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hjVW
    My hard drive, I'm not sure, but I have a grand total of three to try and I've tried em all and they all worked perfectly before.
  34. if you're using the proprietary PS from the old build that could very well be a snag. ??? don't know right now. would like to have it on a bench in front of me. have to sleep on it.

    After my 7th session examining the wiring I noticed that my HDD only had one cable plugged in. I was doubtful that it would affect the computer but after plugging it in, almost everything works!

    All the fans are spinning, optical drive works, button works. There's only one problem; the back of the mobo, all the wires (ethernet, sound, and the connector to the moniter) all seem to not work/power on. My ethernet cable lights up if it has power going, it isn't. And my screen isn't turning on. I hear no beeps coming through on my speaker at all.

    So...from one problem to the next XD.
    However I consider this progress! XD
  36. missed a wire huh ?........... remove your video card and plug the monitor to the on board for now.

    ethernet........... gotta install the drivers off the disc that came with the motherboard......... ethernet drivers and others.... sound would also be on that disc.
  37. oh XD I kinda DID plug the wire into the motherboard, I didn't even realize you could plug it into the card XD.

    It works! But my old copy of windows xp is still on the HDD I plugged in, will this be a problem, or should I start using all those discs that came with the new hardware XD?
  38. refresh my memory......... you did NOT install a new operating system ? you just plugged in the old hard drive that has the opsys on it and expected it to work ?

    or you have a new HD that you installed a new operating system on and now you want to install an old drive ?
  39. I have an old drive and a new copy of windows, however this old hard drive has the old operating system on it. I have to uninstall old windows and install new windows for this to work, right?
  40. if you are using the old drive to install a new windows operating system............ just set the boot sequence to dvd first boot device and HD to second . disable the floppy ( unless you have one installed )

    put disc in dvd drive, reboot machine. bios will load and ask you to boot to cd. say yes ( hit enter key afew times i guess )

    when it asks to boot to cd: say yes::: ( once and only once because the machine will reboot several times before the operating system is done being fully loaded and you will see that screen again. )

    if you are goint to have more than 1 HD in your machine, do the opsys install with just that 1 drive in it first.
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