CPU Overheat Error on Homebuild Machine

Hi Everyone:

I built a machine, with the help of the good members of this forum, back in 2010. The components were as follows:

ASUS P7P55D-E Motherboard
Intel i3 CPU
(2) 4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR-3 RAM
ATI Radeon 5770 video card (3-screen display)
Seagate Barracuda 7200 HD
Corsair TX650W Power Supply.
The box is a Cooler Master.

Unfortunately, I unknowingly had a cable caught around my foot when I got up to leave my desk last Monday. In doing so, I pulled the machine over and the box fell on its side pretty hard.

Everything seemed OK for about 10 minutes, than the machine shut itself off. On reboot, it would give a CPU Overheating error and shut itself down.

I opened the box, and tried to reboot to see if the CPU fan had broken. At which point, the machine wouldn't start at all.

I assumed the CPU had fried, so I went out and bought an i5 chip LGA 1156 socket yesterday (My MoBo is a 1156 socket and my old i3 chip was discontinued (as is the MoBo now). The i5 was the only 1156 New Egg had for sale.

Unfortunately, the CPU seems not to be the actual issue. Rebooting again off the new CPU the machine starts up but the monitor returns No Signals (despite being properly connected).

In trouble shooting, I recognized the DRAM Error LED on the MoBo lights up red during the boot process. RAM was and has always been properly installed since I first built in 2010. My MoBo requires the RAM to be placed in A1 & B1 when using 2 DIMMs.

If I remove the B1 DIMM the PC boots. At which point, it gives a CPU Overheat error again. (brand new i5, fan working properly)

Both DIMMs work in A1 but if you put one in B1 it won’t boot. DRAM LED error. No signal on monitor.

I'm thinking I may actually have a Motherboard problem and need a new MB. Any insight the good members of the forum may be able to offer as well as a suggestion on a MoBo comparable to the ASUS P7P55D-E (which is now discontinued) would be genuinely appreciated.
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  1. That sounds like your PC had a pretty nasty fall... It would not surprise me a bit if you had cracked your motherboard, or even if a piece broke off - in which case yes, it would be useless.

    If you're tight on funds, Newegg offers daily deals with CPU/Mobo/Ram combo's all the time... while they are usually not the greatest, they will get you back up and running without breaking the bank. Were talking around 200-300 bucks for the whole thing. Sometimes they even have a case thrown in too.
  2. yeah the ram slot not working is concerning. sounds like an excuse to replace/upgrade
  3. Indeed. Check out pcpartpicker.com Its a nifty site that lets you mix and match compatible componenets, in most cases will show you expected benchmarks of your system-to-be for camparison against others... and will source like 10 vendors to give you the lowest price possible on parts. =)

    Good luck!
  4. Quote:

    Wouldn't I just need to buy a new MoBo (versus the combo?)

    I already have a brand new i5 CPU I just bought and my RAM should still be good, right?

    *** Thanks for the recommended link ... I'll check it out!


    Any recommendations on a replacement MoBo with a 1156 socket CPU?

    ---> Since my last e-mail I actually found a loose screw rolling around in the box. It looks like it was one of the grounding screws from the MoBo (well, it WAS a MoBo screw ... not sure if it was for grounding though).
  5. the 1156 series boards are already 3 years old. Its really hard to recommend parts that are that outdated...

    I would personally go with the most current hardware I could afford, but if you are adamant on using that chip, I would say any ASUS board that is compatible with that socket and your memory will suffice. At this point in time you will only find "budget" class boards for sale, and performance will not very between them very much at all.
  6. Look at pcpartpicker under the motherboard section and select on the right hand side LGA 1156 boards... It listed about 20 for me, along with prices and places to buy them =)
  7. Hey guys:

    I"m using PC Parts Picker ...

    It's looking like they don't have my ATI Radeon 5770 listed.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again!
  8. Radeon 6850. Should suit your needs. Better then the 5770 in Direct X Terms and has new technology support. it is also affordable!
  9. Hi kyleamos12:

    I already have a Radeon 5770. I'm not looking to buy a new video card.

    I'm just entering what I have to find a replacement MoBo on PartsPicker.

    Unfortunately, PartsPicker doesnt list my Radeon 5770.
  10. Thats a really old card. I would not worry about it too much, pick any other radeon thats close.
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